You have busted speakers?

We can repair 'em.

People often ask "Are my speakers worth repairing?" The answer is, if you liked the way they sounded then YES. Actually most older speakers are of a higher quality than speakers built today. They generally were made from better components and to more exact tolerances than today's products which are primarily mass-produced in China. Many older model speakers actually increase in value. Sure, you can buy new speakers but in most cases we can repair your current speakers to sound as good as new for a fraction of the cost. Chances are your speakers may not need a complete rebuild. Often the repairs turn out to be minor. Don't be brainwashed by some slick salesman into thinking your speakers just won't sound as good. We will troubleshoot your speaker problem and give an estimate of repairs for free. When finished your speakers will sound as good new! Speaker repair just makes good money sense. At Music Magic we do all sorts of speaker repairs from edge replacement and recone to complete rebuilding plus all our repairs carry a one year limited warranty. We also sell replacement speakers and diaphragms.

Speaker Repair - Very Cost Effective

Here is a perfect example. This is a JBL2231H which was incorrectly repaired in Mexico. As it was, it was basically worthless. After a complete rebuild to JBL factory specs., this speaker is as good as the day it was originally made. Cost of repairs was $100. A working used unit can cost upwards of $300. That's a savings of $200.